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Hanging high above the Japanese horizon, in the middle of summer, the sun casted almost no shadow as it reached its peak. Villagers went about their business, cultivating land, catching fish, housework. Women washed clothes while their husband and sons were out in the fields with the few beasts they could afford to plow land for crops.
In a village like many in feudal Japan, demons stalked the unsuspecting villagers, waiting to steal livestock, farm animals, or some vegetables to feed themselves. Even the humanoid demons were not welcome in any village, scaring most of those who saw them. Usually their reactions were shouting to make them flee, or summoning the whole village to come and hunt them down. As a last resort, in few instances, a demon slayer was summoned to hunt down nuisance demons. By the time that happened, most would have destroyed the small wooden homes or high tailed it back into the woods. Nobody human in feudal Japan dared to go into the woods to hunt demons, no matt
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Jake Biography
Real Name: Jacobo Francisco Lizárraga De Las Nieves
Age: 26 (as of July 2017)
Height: 5’7’
Weight: 145 lbs
Date of birth: July 11th, 1991
Place of birth: Unknown
Astrological sign: Cancer
Blood type: Melted Parmesan  
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Foot/paw size: male 8-9 US
Looks: Of course, as others can see, Jake is an albino mouse. A lot of the time you can see he will be wearing a black polo with brown shorts and black loafers, which by he loves wearing without socks. You can tell how they must smell. EDIT: Like his creator Jake is pretty nearsighted and a trait of albinism—except he was too lazy to put some specs and pretty much has said that a mouse has albinism and poor eyesight and can still function without glasses cause reasons—TL;DR Jake should have glasses X3
Bio: The day that Jacobo Francisco Lizárraga De Las Nieves was born, the sky sent up a subtle message of the coming of a very special being in the form of the sun being blotted out
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Walking along a path along the edge of some woods on your way home during a very brisk and chilly winter afternoon, trees bare and icy, cupping your hands together, blowing on them for a bit of warmth. Some leaves are on the trees despite it being the middle of winter. Something catches your eyes, a bit of white and red a bit of distance, maybe a hundred meters or so. What could it be? There’s nothing else that it could be but a massive canvas tent. What in the world it could be in a rather isolated area? Nothing else is out here and would be too far away from town to be able to get people to come over. Whatever is pulling your curiosity, just too strong. You may come to regret this, and may not even come back if this is as sketchy as your intuition is telling you it is.
Of course, against your better judgment, the tent and the carnival that comes with it beckons you to come over and see what could be fun for the whole family…or a hellish experience. Crunches from the snow
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Pokemon Day Request Stream: Meet Robert! by 1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S Pokemon Day Request Stream: Meet Robert! :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 5 22
Appetite for life satiated, plunging the plunger to the syringe in my veins
Rushing dopamine diluting blood, ecstasy ebbing in my rivers, a world at the length of fingertips of a man who lives for the first time
Living in a blur, blue band still tied to an arm, time accelerated though only a few moments enjoyed in the haze
Anything to relieve those moments and fight the urge to slip away and fade from what I felt before, cavernous hole in the heart of what was once joy and love, now hopeless melancholy
Crawl back to my bedding refuge, slip me in a coma and let me be never missed, never noted missing, you forgotten soul, you
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It Rubs the Powder On Its Paws by SodiePawp by 1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S It Rubs the Powder On Its Paws by SodiePawp :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 7 2 Maus Badge by 1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S Maus Badge :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 10 5 UK Be Like by 1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S
Mature content
UK Be Like :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 3 3
Double, Double, Birthday Trouble
Zenzeng, a petite, three horned green dragon smirked evilly seeing his prey, two birthday boys strapped down to some heavy wooden stocks, sitting on the floor. Ben and Jake, tied up with lots of goodies to tickle them with. Since they had birthdays close to each other (even though technically Jake’s birthday is in July), it was appropriate to bundle them to have more fun. His little smirk worried the muscular green dragon and the slender mouse. What a lovely set of paws that Zeng had today, clawed green dragon paws with black pads, and very tender looking pink mouse paws. All the instruments of torture were right within arm’s reach.
Ben and Jake were not going anywhere, being locked up in a pair of sturdy stocks. However the stocks were double, with Jake sitting between Ben’s legs. Dragon paws on the outside, mouse paws inside. Zeng hoped they were comfy because they were going to get a really good present and be there for a long time to come. As much as they struggle
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Mature content
Payback's a B(itch) :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 5 15
What Does the Scouter Say About His Squeak Level? by 1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S What Does the Scouter Say About His Squeak Level? :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 3 5
The day in the kingdom of Lorast went as per usual fare. The townspeople went about their usual ways if buying, selling, trading and bartering. It consisted of a large wall to keep out intruders, a castle at the southern side, and farmland all around the kingdom, where people made their living. The kingdom overlooked the many various farmlands down below the plateau, from the castle’s highest tower.
Down at the central market, things started to get hectic as the citizens of Lorast were getting ready for the midmorning rush of people coming for items to make lunch. All around, markets were hustling and bustling, looking to squeeze every single customer and every single dollar to put food on the table.
Down below, in the bowels of the kingdom, lay a city underneath, home to criminals and deviants of all measure. Drinking, gambling, and all other illicit activates took place in the Undercity, an underground city, built in an abandoned mine where everything that people above frown up
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Maus Paws By Thefruitexman by 1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S Maus Paws By Thefruitexman :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 1 0 Maus v.s. Ponehs By SodiePawp by 1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S Maus v.s. Ponehs By SodiePawp :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 15 2 Time to Play With My Feet by 1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S
Mature content
Time to Play With My Feet :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 27 57
Commission Maus by Candlegirl by 1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S Commission Maus by Candlegirl :icon1-m-3-a-3-u-7-s:1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S 6 10


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United States
Hello and welcome! If you're seeing this, thanks for dropping by. Go, ahead, look around, maybe you'll find other people you may know, or meet new people. It will become very obvious what I'm into from my faves and the things I comment on. I'm a sociable guy, I love talking with peeps who share similar interests, so don't be afraid to drop me a comment on my profile, send me a note or just comment/fave my stuff. Yes, I will fave a lot of things because they tickle my fancy, I am a bit of a whore that way XD.

Yes, I am a writer and I enjoy many works that are either clean or NSFW. I appreciate every watch and fave, guys, stories obviously don't get enough attention. Waaaaaaaay less attention than artwork both FA and DA. So I need to work twice as much to get noticed because I am a small fish in quite a big pond. My specialty in writing is foot fetish, however, I do write more than foot fetish. Stick around and maybe you'll find out what they are ;-). I write both SFW and NSFW, so be warned, it could get steamy >:3

Commissions? Yes, I do story commissions, just look at my info and that's all you need to see…

Requests? No. Sorry many people on the internet are pretty damn flaky and I really don't want to do that

Trades? Unless I know are trustworthy of holding up your end of a trade, sure, I am willing to trade. SorryNotSorry, I'm sorta stingy like that

RP? Oh, yes, I love to RP and am pretty diverse when it comes to rping. You have to ask me what you want to RP first, so I can green light it first ^_^



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Well for starters, this will be an excuse to bump down that ugly journal that's been on my page since May. Want that to be the last vent journal I make for a long while (preferably ever). I want to keep comssions going. They give me the fuel to keep going here and keeps the creative juices flowing. So I'll still be taking commissions. Wanted to close them up to work on personal projects. So I'll still be open ^^

Journal History



1. I prefer notes for requests, makes it easier to manage. I will ONLY allow comments regarding commissions

2. For now (until my drawing ability improves enough) only story commissions will be accepted.

3. PayPal only!! 

4. I employ a half now, half later payment to avoid any rip offs. All payments not met at the end of the project will end up, in scraps, given back to the commissioner, or deleted.

5. Please properly translate all currencies that are not USD into USD so payment is correct!

6. Give me a bit of time to write everything! If it takes a little too long, longer than it should, I will let you know. The one thing that everyone who does commissions hates the most are people who hound them to see if it’s done.

7. Commission statuses will be kept track of to make sure I know where each person stands.

8. Bare minimum that I will write is 1000 words

9. Short stories are set a fixed price of $8 US per 2000 words.

10. An add-on charge of $2 will occur with every 250 words after 2000.

11. SFW material: paws/feet (my specialty), Sonic (see rules about chars), humans, anthros, gentialia, stuffing, and other is fine. NSFW material: Nudity and genitalia (as long as there is no sexual contact like anal vaginal and oral. Other unconventional things you will have to run by me first.

12. Will not write about: underage chars in very suggestive situations (cubporn), chars being aged up to make them to be more appropriate, and other fetishes I disapprove of writing. You will have to run them by me to see if I'll agree to it or not.


That easy! That’s how you commission a mouse twelve ways to Sunday!


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Do you like tickling and itching?
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That's cool... that's very cool!
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Yes. For the itching based shenanigans, you can blame :iconsodiepawp: for getting me into that X3
Solleticoso Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017
I see...

I love SodiePawp's work too...

I was a litte into the itching thing as a kid, but it was really nothing compared to the tickling thing... lately I'm starting to think a little more about itching, but tickling is, by far, my favourite of all time! 
1-M-3-A-3-U-7-S Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
Them you you'll love the crazy bunny :p
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